Sunday, 17 March 2013

Progress so far on the D9

Just to prove we haven't completely forgotten what modelling is all about I offer a couple of pictures of progress made on the D9.

I was informed by my lovely employer that if I didn't use the holiday I had left by start of new financial year in a couple of weeks then I would lose it.

SAY NO More,,, I don't need a better excuse than that to secrete myself away in the shed for 3 days.

Have to say it is coming together nicely,,, but we still obviously have quite a lot to do.

Although not shown in the pictures the chassis for the tender is nearly finished and I have made a start on the tender body,,,, so hopefully it will not be long before it joins the rest of the gang on the layout and increases considerably the desired level of "Gortonaura".

Watch this space.


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