Thursday, 21 March 2013

D9 Update & Webens Clop Mk 2

Have decided a quick update is probably valid.
We now have the start of a tender, Alexander kit GC 4000g with the usual compensated home built chassis.
Am currently playing around with an all singing all dancing drawbar link to go between the loco and tender,,, the road down to the turntable at the Pastures is slightly inclined and some locomotives do not enjoying going down there without serious remedials on the draw bar linkage,,,, Bachmann A1's in particular.
Anyway we will give it a go and see if it works, the plan is that the link will pivot laterally and vertically and hopefully keep the tender at the required distance behind the loco,,,, well thats the plan.

Anyway on to more interesting items,,, guess what this is?????

He's a very clever fella that Webbens,,,, as soon as I mentioned that we may have to hire a bigger van he wandered off shaking his head, huffing & muttering about focus groups, priorities and other best censored commercial phrases which I suddenly remembered from my dim and distant past.

But before you could say "I fully understand the pressure you are under and perhaps the best strategy to deploy at this difficult time is" he reappeared with this the Mk 2 CLOP,,, a miniature version which is obviously much easier to transport about.

Now it transpires that this one is valve driven and therefore probably analogue but still a BinarY bean counter & display type system and so being it occured to me we perhaps now have a BinarY Computerised LOco Programming System,,, or BYCLOPS.

Ha ha,, I found it highly amusing,,, the Webbens just looked skyward and started making those high pitched screechy noises that you used to hear with a dial up system,,,,, they're a strange bunch I.T.wallah's,,, but at least his energy pack is in the right place for sure.  

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