Friday, 4 May 2012

Salmon Pastures the MOVIE

Now that we find we can blog with consumate ease it has been decided to offer a very nearly world premier of,,,,

[fanfare of trumptets] "Coming soon at a laptop near you AND in full screen Humbrocolour Cinematic form SALMON PASTURES THE MOVIE,,, well some You Tube shots taken of the pastures at a couple of recent exhibition

Firstly sincere thanks to the 2 guy's below
By vjoneslong ... for this one.
Wallace, Gromit and "sinkplunger" for his wonderful rendition.

If only we had known at the time we were to become famous we would have put on some form of special show,,,which usually means I fiddle about with all my favourite loco's!!!

So if you do have a video camera and would like to take shots which just might end up on YouTube then please let us know,,, we will roll out our very special 4mm to 1' scale carpet and give you every assistance. [[It would certainly help curtail yours truly from barging past the paying guests offering a somewhat turse apology!!!Once again Mr Jones sorry!!]]

Could even happen at Chelmsford this October 20th,,, just in case you forget!!

PS,,, Now the computer is back from it's 10,000 message service and oil change I have actually been on YouTube and I have to say there are some weird folk about!!! mind you they probably think the same about us!!!

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