Sunday, 13 May 2012

Edelweiss my posterior.

It's 04.56am,,, the birds are tweeting,,, the cat is cleaning itself for a bit of pre breakfast fun in the back garden and I'm sitting here head down on the blogging machine. I used to be able to sleep for England,,, I was good at it,,, now I find it not only difficult but a complete waste of time,,, there's far too much to do as an alternative,, like blogging. I do hope you all like this weeks picture,,, why would anyone want to model the pennines,, mendips,, or cows full of fields when you can turn your talents to something like this. Our EMPIRE was built in places like this,,, the fact that we decided to sell them all off to the Indians and Chinese and that supermarketeering was much better than manufacturing and heavy industry is for me one of life's mystery's but as I'm not a political animal so be it. All you need is a couple of photo's [preferably black and white,, see earlier blog] a couple of sheets of Plastikard and a bit of spare time and before you know it,,, Robert's your relative you have something that will be a worthwhile back drop to your industrial scene. I feel much better now I've got that off my chest,,, that's whats wrong with the youth of today,,, there's far too much flocking going on,,, everybody's at it,,, we'll all be building mountains and singing Edelweiss if we aren't careful. I personally think Jacques Santair and all his mates in Strasbourg are partly to blame,, the rest is just heresay. It's time for a cup of tea and to check up on that cat,,, she loves delving in the bushes in springtime!!!

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