Thursday, 3 May 2012

Let's get back to the pastures,,, float backstream

Much to everyones suprise I really am getting the hang of this,,, and it's only taken 6 years.

But I really am to blogging what Herod was to babysitting,,, but it's better than going goggle eyed at the box.

Anyway,,, don't blink or you might miss the Pastures update!!!

Spotting a small window of opportunity in the recent Norfolk Monsoons I donned my bricklayers swimming trunks and shot out there to lay the required 28 bricks,,, and this time the consistancy of the dried mortar didn't resemble a stale Oxo cube,,, that's right folks the mortar has actually glued the bricks together,,, is this how Christopher Wren got started I mused.

So when this current batch of rain vanishes we are in serious danger of getting the base for the pastures new home laid and moving towards taking up residence in our soon to be permanent abode.

The management is sore impressed,,, we even had a brief conversation on the subject over breakfast just the other day.

On a much more interesting area of activity, just Tuesday evening this week I found absolutely nothing to interest me [yet again] on the lunatic lantern and so decided to go and potter about in the garage,,, I do find just looking at my efforts very therapeutic,,,the therapy lasts about 3o seconds and then starts remorphing itself into a list of things I could improve on,,,anyway I digress.

It's the first time I had thought about the pastures since before Xmas and without really thinking about it I decided to clean the track and a few loco wheels and before you could say Walshearts Conjugated Valve Gear I was lets be honest "Playing Trains".

It was wonderful,,, the loco's were a bit stiff and creaky,,they hadn't moved a wheel in anger since Aylsham exhibition last October but I was having fun,,, and after a bit of cleaning it was running well.

Before I knew it there was a knock on the garage door and it was an official announcement that the management was retiring!!! I had been in there since 7.15pm,,, 4 hours of sheer enjoyment.

I enjoyed myself so much I went in there again last night,,, and same again.

I've spent the best part of 15 years building the pastures and it is only now that I am getting some pay back.

Won't apologise for the coloured photo,,, it'a another Sheffield Boozer in the middle of the steelworks,,, the pint was to die for and a model may well appear at some point in the future.[Of the boozer not the creamy nectared refreshment]

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