Friday, 2 October 2020

Full speed Ahead, and Astern,,,, why not.

 Is it just me or is anybody else confused about what we are supposed to be doing????

I was getting all excited about treading the boards again at an exhibition,, Aylsham it was,,, and it should have been this weekend,,, but unfortunately due to the Kung Flu it understandably got cancelled.

Then within a couple of days of being told the Aylsham show is ORFT,,, I receive a message from Ipswich asking me if I would like to do their exhibition,,, YES YES YES I reply very posty hasty and they advise they are delighted to hear that I will but they cannot actually tell me when it is,,, due to the Kung-Flu,,,, ah well,,, a definitely possible show in the future has to be better than no show.

Birds in the bushes spring to mind, but these days we bloggers have to be especially careful about what we actually post as we certainly don't want to upset anybody,, so for all the wide awake enhancer's who may be reading I am actually musing about a turdus merala I spotted hopping about in my recently acquired ribes uva-crispa bush this morning. [that should keep them occupied for a bit]

You just can't beat a bit of culture,,, some modelling pages wax lyrical about,,, cricket scores,,, others find the various shades of battleship grey totally absorbing but here on the pastures we go for a bit of 4mm latining and why not as I've not actually done any modelling of late,,, in fact for Yonks,,, but you have probably noticed that,,,excuses,, crickey where do I start,,, just take your pick from any of this lot:

I got a blister right on the end of my blogging finger,,,or,, my blogging glasses fogged up and I just couldn't see what I was doing and before you could yell "self isolate" it was time for bed,,, or,,, my all singing all dancing model of an LMS dark and swarthy class 5 fell on my foot and I haven't been able to move since, or or or,, the real reason is that I just couldn't persuade my glutus maximus extremis to go into the garage,,, well to be quite honest  I have definite suspicions that if I go into the garage and indulge in some serious self isolating by the time I've dusted down the soldering iron I will find I am in contravention of the latest rules regarding self isolating and could possible incur a £10,000 fine!!!

What to do????

I have decided to throw caution to the wind and go in there anyway and if I get caught and fined then you won't be hearing from me for some time as the possibility of me paying off such a fine are about as remote as a politician actually answering a question.

As my old driving instructor used to say,, "u turns can be very dangerous"  as demonstrated above,,, and hopefully this long delayed blog has proved I am not yet kicking up the bellis perennis but could be quite soon as the 2 official reprimands I have received for a distinct lack of blogging have come from very dubious sauces,,, 1 models the GWR in 7mm and the other isn't even a modeller just somebody who lurks about in my murky highly confused past,, enough said,, and you both know who you are.


I have been in the garage today,,, have found my mojo which was hiding under the sheets of plastikard and all should resume very shortly,,, as we have an exhibition to get ready for,,, honest .. but there again I'm in no rush and sincerely hope you aren't either.

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