Monday, 18 May 2020

Kung Flu strikes again. Aylsham Exhibition cancelled. SORRY FOLKS!!!

Just to let all the avid readers know,, unfortunately,, the Aylsham show in October has been cancelled.

To be slightly serious I think it is the right decision,,, I hate to admit the fact but some things are more important than a model railway show.

The good news is we should have loads more engines to introduce to the public by the time we do all get back to normal!!!!

Just to cheer you all up I attach a few photo's to prove we have been seriously self isolating in the garage ALL WEEK.

The L1 now has brakes on the rear bogie,,, what a phaff that was!!

Jersey Lily looking decidedly nervous before she is pushed into the paintshop.

A long time ago a fortunate few could call this their office!!!

Keep Calm,, keep safe and SOLDER on.

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