Monday, 6 January 2020

Freeze Frame build of an L1

As the festive season has finished we can all now get back to some serious modelling and it has occurred to me that this series of photo's reminds me of a cartoon book present I received many years ago ,,,,, what you had to do was hold it in one hand with your thumb on the bottom corner and then slowly release pressure from your thumb and the pages slowly flicked by and you could watch a basic cartoon,,,,, well this is very similar,,, but without any book or even pages,,,

I managed to escape to the garage on a couple of festive days and got very productive,,, the first shot shows the L1 with a front axle splasher fitted,,,

the second shot shows another day's efforts which produced a right hand splasher,,,

this one goes back to the left side and another day's efforts got the left side tank fitted,,,

  and the same again with this only this as you can see is the right hand side,,,, busy busy,,,

YO Ho HO Merry Xmas and for the first time since all the tin bashing and piercing saw blade exploding started it is actually starting to look like a Zeppelin,,,, I suppose it is a sign of the times that we hard up pensioned off modellers have to provide our own gifts,,, but I have to say this is something I have always wanted,,, big,, ugly,, and in modern parlance,,, "a real mean looking dude" so thanks to Santa and please come again next year,,,[you never know it might be finished by then!!].

Apart from the modelling I have had a great time,,, surrounded by family and very close friends who drank/ate me out of house and home,, [ I wonder where they get that from???] apart from the above mentioned loco I also got a nice wooly hat,,, a 4mm modelling "snood" and some sawn off gloves so there is nothing to keep me out of the garage any more,,, and and and all the twiddly bits for the trams overheads have also arrived,,, twiddly is the word,,, it looks like I will have to purchase my own microscope to put it all together as I just cannot wait for another 12 months before I start working on the overheads,,,,   Oh and before I forget my darling wife provided me with a most suitable T shirt,,,, featuring Grumpy of snow white fame and the message,,"ti's the season to be Grumpy" and I have to say I couldn't agree more,,, [ now think thick Glaswegian accent] Sinatra could sing and Astaire could dance but,,, Walt Disney.

Will have to go as I have some files to clean and my workbench looks like it has had a visit from a Zeppelin,,, and it has,,,

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