Monday, 23 September 2019

Guess What,,,, we've moved again!!!!

I do wish I had bought shares in Pickfords all those years ago,, but I didn't so what the fromage frei!!

The last 48 months have been nomadic to say the least,, we have moved 4 times,, & all with the best of intentions,,, to start with,,,, but a retired life in the Mediterranean sunshine was not to be,, and we really are glad to be back in the frozen east that is Norf Norfick.

The reason for this blog is to advise my healthy gang of 11 followers that we are now "settled" back into a sort of normal existence,,,, Helen is now only a 5 minute walk from work and when I am not watching "Yesterday" I can go orienteering in our garage or shed,,,you know whats coming!!

The Pastures holiday in DarnSarf Surrey is not quite over but we are getting close,,, [crickey there is a terrible echo in here!!] 

What has happened since we were last really on air with the BLOG,,, well Brexs!it for a start,,,, what a 3 year load of old Cobbrers,,, BORING,,, and can I just add,,,

 if certain people are not careful then Democracy is going to be about as relevant as a straight banana or lead free solder,[ that was just for all you long time supporters!!! see June 29th 2016 post!!]

But onto happier thoughts,,, I now have a 16' x 10' garage to fill,,, well the Pastures will do half of that,,, and I still have room left to cobble together a workshop,, garden shed,, and seating for the regular "Toosdy" supporters,,, I can't wait,,, bring it on!!!.

But a word of warning to the previously mentioned "Regular Toosdy  beardied unwashed"

I am not in the least interested in:

high tides
mid tides
low tides
bowsprits,, halfwits,, or wot-ever-fwits
sheets,, tweets or pleats
bowlines,, lifelines or sidelines
berth's,, girth's or wursts,,[cancel the last one]
midships,,ships,, loggerheads or jibs
asterns,,flotsam or jetsam,,,
bulkeads,, decks,,, cabin's or galley's
heads,,,, [could be tempted on an ad-hoc basis]
ports,,,,,,[well maybe ,,Graham's,, Taylor's or Kopke!!]
starboards  [except Taureans]
belay's ,,,,, [unless it is decidedly hearty]

Enjoy,,,, !!!

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