Thursday, 6 September 2018

Interesting nonsense.

Came up here to do a bit of "planning" for the new attempt at retirement activity  and got completely diverted by 1001 distractions::

So here is some,,,,,

1, The powers that be at the "Ministry of Diversity" have decided that Thomas the Tank Engine needs to widen his horizons!!!!!! and is to be joined by Indian,, and Australian forms of locomotion!!!!

Where do they find these "ministry" people,,,,, I bet he/she/it has a degree in sociology with media studies,,,, not yet at a state where they need to shave,,,,can nearly tie there own shoe laces,,, and is on about £55>60K,,, p.a. UNBELIEVABLE NONSENSE.

2, Over the past 2 or 3 years my dearly beloved has been very keen in supplementing my intake of Omega 1,2&3 oils,,,, as if cod liver oil out of a bottle at school wasn't enough I have,,, over the past 36 months,,, probably consumed enough fish oil to make Captain Birdseye decidedly jealous,,, and now some chinless wonder at Oxford University has decided the "old Omego oil ploy" was a complete waste of time,,,, either that or he has just lost his evenings job at John West!! whatever.
Thanks a lot pal,,,, before I started on the oil slick diet,, I had hair,,, my privates were only occasionally salmon pink,,,& I left very few scales in the bath!!!! Not to mention the bearings in my right shoulder need lubricating and the NHS are politely telling me it's my age. Painful Nonsense.

3, Am I the only one who finds women commentators on Football Focus complete madness.
No offence,, BUT,, you now have your own "game" and TV programmes related to the same end,,, so sod off and leave us alone,, not to mention you all sound like a 33rpm recording of Wayne played at 45rpm anyway,,,,, eerrrrr. NONSENSE.

4, Over the past week the papers have been drowning in full page articles about how serenely and quietly the Beckhams marriage is possibly falling apart,,,, As Rhet Butler famously said,, "to be quite honest my dear,,, I don't give a damn",,,, live and let live,,,, life's a bungee when your down to your last 40 odd million,,, and no matter what the outcome it won't put a smile on my face,, or hers.

5,  Compound NONSENSE,,,,
The BBC,, why not come clean and admit your a political party really, then we can legally stop paying for a license.
The Donald,,,, as they say locally,,, "wot is ee loyk" UNBELIEVABLE,,, lets just hope his assistants can hide the BIG RED BUTTON for about another 6 years


Today was going to be so good,,, I was out there clearing umpteen cardboard boxes,,, found myself a work area,,, much to the annoyance of the cat,,, found 3 or 4 suitable projects,, just right to ease my way back into it,,, only to discover that my main tool box is still in store.

Frustrating,,, but there's always another day.

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