Monday, 25 July 2016

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you like this sort of thing,,,, and why wouldn't you as you are looking at something rather special,,, then can I suggest you have a browse through the following website

The David Hey collection

It is absolutely jam packed with pictures like this,,,, well not as good as this obviously,,, but there are even things of interest for the Collett,, Bulleid and Stanier afficianado's [is that a dance or a green pear shaped thing that tastes like homogenised  polyfilla] and if trips down memory lane are what "floats your boat" although I much prefer "turns your table" then some of David's personal memories of being chased out of steam sheds are well worth a read as well,,, we probably met at some point in the past,,, I was "offered a seat" in Doncaster shed scrap line foremans office on more than one occasion in the early 60's.

What a magnificent picture of a Lord Faringdon earning a crust in the early 30's,,, soon to be reprised on your very own pastures at Manchester Exhibition in December,,,[ there you are,, the plug]

Why won't yesterday leave us alone,,, I'll tell you why,,, because in railway terms it was a darn sight more interesting than the current stuff,, and that go's for music, cars, aeroplanes, lorry's as well,, in fact just about everything,,, apart from pensions and dentists.

Be warned,,, you are going to be offered lots of similar shots to this one,,, so why not save my time and go and have a look at his site for yourself,,, truly wonderful pics and memories,,, where's me kleenex!!!

Lets finish with a light hearted look at a group of Swinedon trainspotters.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking!!!!!

And lets show a comparison shot of Doncaster when I was a lad!!!!
Many thanks to the David Hey Collection

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