Saturday, 16 April 2016

Pastures Formation Signalling Team

Here's one from the pastures archive,,,, the Main Box 1928 formation signalling team.
It's pretty obvious that the trainee has not yet mastered the art of pulling off before assuming the position but it say's on the back of the photo in pencil,, "silver plate runners up 1928. Cecil Gee far right left to become a trainee flower arranger" and I can see why.
Right decision Cec,,, really.

If you sniff the original photo you can still smell the Capstan full strength and that wonderfully aromatic mix of 1 part Camp Coffee 1 part moth balls & 1 part Cherry Blossom,,, oh happy days.

It's surprising what you can find on a quiet Saturday night whilst trawling through the pastures archive and as if to prove the point just look at this little blast from the past.

I am assuming this was taken during the war as all of them have painted their toe caps white so they can be seen at night,,, and a finer set of jaunty caps I have yet to come across.
What is it about railwaymen and small terriers,, I have no idea.
But what a charismatic bunch,,, and I'm sure its fair to assume the chap far right middle row is either wearing his younger brothers trousers or perhaps his braces,, but he is understandably proud of his new watch chain.

I remember going on a trip round the Sheffield Midland south signal box as a teenager,, the atmosphere was something I will never forget,,, warm,, damp,, stale cigarette smoke,,,and a permanent background hum of DC signalling boxes with frequent bursts of bells,,, the bells the bells,,, some things just never leave you.

What is the point of this entry,,, their isn't one really,,, the lunatic lantern is throwing out copious quantities of Saturday night drivel,,, it's too cold to set up camp in't shed and so I thought I'd have a quick blog and perhaps drop in the current rant,,, why is the BBC1 TV turning the early morning news into Blue Peter,, talk about dumming down,,, oh jolly jolly,,, lets sit on the sofa and have an early morning party.

Grow Up,, Wise Up,, Pack Up and just give us the bloomin news.
What really gets me is I have to pay a license fee for this rubbish.
Even if I turn it off I have to pay the fee,,, come the revolution brothers that bunch of know it all's will be the first onto the transport headed east!!!.

Kids these days know nowt.

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