Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Def by Elf and Safety

Now here's another shot taken from the pastures archive,,, and just think on,,, this was taken well before people could press a few buttons and turn the picture into whatever they wanted.

This apparently is the Gee family,,, you met Cec last week warming up for the sychronised signalling.
Happy bunch aren't they,,, the one up the tree is Cec's father,,, Bill Gee and he is proving that this shot obviously isn't staged as the watch chain is hanging correctly for the position he is in,,, now thats clever,,, the lady 3rd from the left is Bun Gee,, and that is Cec's twin sister,,, she went on to become a time and motion expert which probably answers why her hair style doubles as a crash helmet,,, now I'm guessing here that Cec is the young chap in the front row leaning on Grandads left knee wearing the kilt & junior bowler,,, it's the stance that gives you away Cec,,, you obviously had it from a very early age.
The youngster in the white wrap is Cec's younger sister Joy,, and she went on to become a test rider for Brough motorcycles which probably explains why she has a pair of goggles sewn into her wooly-at.

I could get hooked on trawling through the pastures archive,,,, and I can do it in the warm as well,,, April the 26th it is and it snowed today!!!!
Oh Joy.
Shed Time,,,, very little,,, well apart from the local mariners turning up and decimating the teabag store,,, we didn't do one jot of modelling,,, it was one of those passing constructive comments and serious tea slurping sessions, sometimes it just happens.

What has all this got to do with Elf and Safety you are thinking to yourselves,,, well cop a load of this one,,,
"When I nod my ed,, you it it".

Now I know I have mentioned it before but I have a few ancestors that did actually "werk darn't pit",,, [in the Nottinghamshire area actually,,, but I'm on a bit of a roll],,, I never met them they had all long gone before I came along and I'd just like to say looking at this picture I can see why!!!!
How these guy's kept so cheerful and perhaps even retained their sanity I will never know,,,, "Aye,, where's there's muck there's brass",,, but in my opinion you need serious gonads to get involved with anything like this,,, unbeliveable,,, I don't care how much they got paid,,, I could not do it,,, terror would be understating.

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