Monday, 21 March 2016

As McArthur said,,,, " I will return "

And just to prove the point here he is,,,, but why he is sucking a corkscrew is a bit of a mystery,,, but as my old grandpapee used to say,, there ain't no accounting for taste,,hic.

Thought you might appreciate a quick update on Huntingdon Exhibition and the ongoing domestic arrangements in hand for the Pastures.

Huntingdon was great,,, we were invited at the last minute as Jackie the show manager suddenly found she had a pastures sized hole to fill but as we see any invite as a compliment it was simply great to be there.

The Huntingdon show is a relative newcomer to the scene,, but you wouldn't have guessed.
It was LARGE which is not always a passport to success, but it was packed with both quality layouts and traders. There really were some lovely examples of quality modelling on show and on both days there were occasions where we had people 3 deep trying to watch us make a spectacle plate of ourselves.

The highlight for me was meeting another happy soul who publicly admitted to reading the Pastures Blog, [Stephen watch out you have competition] so as agreed sir here is the first post in far too long,, I have no excuse whatsoever apart from moving house, building a scratch built chassis for my L3 and taking a bit of a break from the exhibition scene in general, but you are quite right blogging has taken a back seat of late.

As my old school report used to say on an annual basis,,, "has the ability but could try harder"

In the unlikely event of exhibition managers reading this can I just mention that at the Huntingdon show all exhibitors get a full english breakfast on the house before the show opens to the public,,, what a great idea,,, particularly if you have been doing what we had been doing the night before,, a full english was just what we needed.

I just hope they made a profit,, they certainly deserved to and it was BUSY,,, &  at times VERY BUSY which always makes things worthwhile.

I have been spending most of my spare time installing or refurbishing various sheds we have acquired at the new abode.
I now have a rather cosy 10' x 8' lined and insulated "modelling emporium" which will be referred to as Crimpsall and this is where all the sliced, soldered, or singed fingers type activity will take place,,, next to it, with the obligatory 4' permanent lawnmower sized gap, is the newly constructed windowless shiplap gaff which we might as well call Gorton which will not only house the Pastures but most of my DIY / decorating / odd/jobbing type paraphenalia,,, as mentioned before Helen was right,,, we really should have downsized a long time ago.

If the weather brightens up tomorrow I may even take a shot of the new works and post it for your perusal.

There you are sir,,,"sorry but I either missed or forgot your name" but here is another long overdue post,,, I do promise to post harder and hopefully get back to the regular snippets of life down here on the Pastures.

Oh it is with great personal disappointment that I have to advise that the Cleethorpes show in May has been cancelled,,,, a real shame,,, I have wanted to do that show for some time as there are lots of Great Central Society members live in that area but it just was not to be,,,, but don't get too downhearted you can come and watch us at Crawley in a couple of weeks time,,,or Basildon in July,,, or start Xmas early by visiting Manchester exhibition in December.

Many thanks to all our 2 readers,,, your support is much appreciated and will be worn on a regular basis.

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