Saturday, 13 February 2016

Well Well,,,this looks very nice!!!

We are very pleased to announce that the worst of the domestic trauma of moving the:
Approx 40 spurious large cardboard boxes,, [most of which haven't been opened since we last move 10 years ago] is actually OVER.

We are also pleased to announce we are chasing down suppliers for something along the lines of the above.

In our opinion windows and models do not go together,,  I don't enjoy modelling windows and some things really are crystal clear,, and windows where you house a railway do little but fade paint on most of your previous efforts and for me that is a real headache,, as repainting is even more frustrating than original painting,, so NO Windies,, there will be lots of lighting in the shed but no natural light.

We decided to move so we could "downsize" and it has proved to be very successful,, now we have downsized I seem to be spending most of my time either constructing or coordinating the construction of facilities to enable us to house all the stuff we have have had to store in containers since we downsized.

Not wanting to appear to be doing a Basil Fawlty impression but "you really do know best dear",, "whatever you say dear",,"quite right dear" if downsizing means I get access to a 20'x10' shed then I, [sorry dear,, we],, should have done it years ago.

As a quick reminder for the next show which is the recently received invite to the Huntingdon / East Anglian show on March 12th & 13th. We will be departing from our temporary home and hopefully returning to the new home which will have appeared in the back garden.

At this point I have to once again officially offer my sincere thanks to Dave & Pat of Potter Heigham fame,, being invited to a show with only 6 weeks notice dosen't really give you a lot of time to prepare for it and this is even more problematic when your railway is stored in a container without any electricity.

Problem,, what Problem,, "stick it in the garage and we can prepare it from there",,, thankyou once again you 2,,, much appreciated.

If you fancy coming along and joining in the fun then please be our guest, we would love to see you,, even if you don't like railways we can discuss modelling,, football,, rugby,, politics,, religion,, whatever takes your fancy,,, all you have to do is pay your money and we can guarantee you will  have a really entertaining day,, and it looks as though it is going to be one hell of an exhibition,,, large is not a guaranteed passport to success but we think quality is,,, once again we just can't wait!!!

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