Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Property Market!!!!! [Don't get me started on another legal fiasco]

I've not forgotten any of you,,, I'm not ignoring you either,,, we are moving!!!!
Oh Joy of Joy's!!!!
To be honest I'd rather be boring you rigid with the usual twaddle about the pastures but,,, mmm,,, let's just call it priorities.
If I see another cardboard box in the next couple of months it will suffer.
Normal service will be exhumed as soon as possible.
Oh Happy Xmas and a prosperous New Year as well.

I never realised "we" had so much JUNK,,, where do's it all come from.
Believe me I'd rather be modelling than playing 3 dimensional chess with all the crap that has been hidden away in the shed for many a year.

As McArthur said as he paddled down some beach near Manilla,,,,, "I will return"

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