Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Great British Back to Back Gauging!!!

Oh no,,, here we go again,,, as if the great bake off wasn't enough we now have to suffer the great british pot throwers contest,,,,

"And the winner is,,,, " just nip out and make a cup of tea,,, your not going to miss anything of any significance  Percy Thrower" 
Wrong hobby I know but you know what I mean.

Anyway as a vehicle for the hobby of our choice to fight back I think we ought to have our own contests,,
so hows about:

The Great British Back to Back Gauging
The Great British Point Filing
The Great British Check Rail setting
The Great British Lead Weight Adding
The Great British Chassis Oiling
The Great British Real Coaling
The Great British coupling height setting

Somebody has obviously told our friends at the media that if you accidentally hit on a successful formula then the best thing you can do is flog the life out of it for the next 5 years.

Strictly Dancing,, Ice Skating,, Britains got talent [really,,, not from what I've seen] The X Factor,, they don't want to actually achieve anything they just want to be a celebrity,,,,imho,,, lets be politically correct.

I give in,, honest,, but I do have one suggestion which could be really good fun,,, you fill a studio with a complete cross section of modellers and some Jeremy Kyle type obnoxious git and start any one of the following conversations:

What is the real point of a 4 coupled sprung chassis,
Is P4 really Scalefour but on the cheap
Why can't we all revert to the old Hornby coupling
Is it really a valid railway if it's been built by 25 experts through some form of 4mm/1ft backscratching excercise.
Is Zepp Blatter actually a member of BRMSB,,, [I'm perhaps showing my age with that one,,, British Railway Modelling Standards Bureau,,,, what an august body that was,,, you didn't stand a chance of becoming a member if you didn't have a 6" engineers rule, & 3 x 3H Staedtler Pencils in your top pocket and leather patches on your sports jacket elbows]
Should kit manufacturers be deported if their instructions are not clear to a 6 year old with at least 4 clinically identified isms.
Was Iain Rice related to John the Baptist

You get the idea,,, the good news is we don't need a studio we can all do it on the web,,,, or even throught these pages,,, now what an august body this is!!!

I really feel much better now and the impending house move is progressing apace!!


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