Thursday, 14 February 2013

I know I know we are lagging behind target.

This should come in handy especially at a future bash,,, somewhere "south west" of the capital.

It's the board from that well known party game  Swinedonometer,,, a favourite of all the RCTS lads from down Wiltshire way.

What you do in a quiet corner of the exhibition is stand 7' 9" away from the board,, which has been previously mounted at 58" from the centre of the bull to floor level, and you throw darts at it,,, now this is where it get's quite complicated.

If you hit a 14 you have to shoot round all the layouts and take the numbers of class 2251's you can see.

If you hit a 20 it's King's,,, 19 is Castle's,,,, 18 is Hall's,,,  17 is Grange's,,, 16's is Manor's and so on and so on and so on.
Now it all gets a little bit hyper and arguments usually ensue because by the time you have worked down to 12 or 13 people are getting a bit confused primarily because it has suddenly dawned on them than without a magnifying glass they all look pretty much the same,,, excluding the weathering of course.

Still it keeps them entertained and is certainly better than modelling in a cold shed.


Are we back on track yet?? Please let me know.

This game is the copyright of Salmon Pastures Wind-Up Productions Limited.

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