Thursday, 10 January 2013

This is this weeks,,, hopefully

SAD's guide on how to make a 4mm/1' scale steam locomotive water gauge glass.

Take one piece of 1mm acrylic sheet and slice off a manageable lump.
Take one Swann Morton deadly serious surgical blade in suitable holder.
Turn on favourite piece of music, last night it was Django Rheinhardts Djangology.

Take a deep breath and,,,,,,,,,, WITTLE,, ensuring you keep the hideously sharp blade away from the recently singed digits.

I was surprised how quickly I managed to trim it down to an acceptable size.

Mmmm,,,relatively pleased with my roughly 1mm square acrylic rod the next question is how am I going to mount the pipes onto each end,,,mmmmm,,, trim rod to 3mm length & take one 0.30mm drill,,, don Joe Ninety magnifying headband,,, now wittle whilst rotatoring,,, mmm it's drilling a small hole.

Superglue suitable piece of 0.30mm nickel silver wire into each end,,, stand back and let set.

Before standing back to let set DO NOT drop on floor,,, they dissappear under the workbench never to be seen again.

Ah well we will try again tonight,,, whilst also donning the apron which is pinned to the workbench so as to catch minute bits when they wriggle from my rather large digits whilst wittling.

Anybody know why we actually do this sort of thing!!!
Confused and bemused,

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