Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Apologies for the delays in regular blogging but we've been very busy enjoying the festivites.
This years main resolution is to blog at least once a week,,, but you've probably noticed that already this one is last weeks.
Actually I've been very busy D9'ing,,, never mind the weather,,, as long as we're together,, that's me, the cat and occasionally the dog and WE have to say the festive season saw us being very productive on the elegant edwardian locomotion front.

I have spent hours detailing the boiler back plate including a working regulator and thoroughly enjoyed myself,,, the next challenge is where to find some 1mm square clear plastic or acrylic rod for the water gauges.
We also now have a front buffer beam and and the back plate for the 4 loco steps,,, & it really was great to get back to work,,,at least it will give my digits time to heal before the next bout of tingle finger this coming weekend.

Another resolution is I will try and concentrate on the modelling aspects and cut down on the spasmodic peripherals,,,, that is until either the Guatemalans/Mayan ministry of humour kick off again or Max Clifford decides he's going to entertain us all further!! Yo HO thanks for that Max.

I also have to say I have been spending an enormous amount of time on the forums of the LNER Encyclopedia,,, who needs Brittanica when you can view and learn from some of the artisans involved with that little lot. MIND Boggling.

If you ever feel bored,,, just think to yourself you could be modelling something,,, it dosen't matter what.

Anyway we all sincerely hope you are as prosperous as we feel,,,, and only 10 days to payday!!!

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