Thursday, 8 December 2016

Manchester Exhibition December 2016

For anyone interested in the Manchester show the full album of "westerners" photo's are now on the flickr link under Manchester 2016. Next time you wear that shirt Neville can you also provide sunglasses????
Roger is proudly presenting a new bottle of oil he has just purchased,,,, I know not why.


alex S said...

Pleased i managed to see this layout before it was retiered , has given me the inspiration i need thank you


Salmon Pastures said...

Comments like that Alex make far too many nights in a freezing shed suddenly worthwhile.
It really has been a pleasure and fun,,,, but I already have a couple of loose images in my head for the next creation!!

I will continue to post nonsense on the blog and am active on RMweb and the LNER forum for the more serious stuff.
If you need any help or encouragement you know where to find me.

With sincere regards and happy modelling. SAD & Salmon Pastures [retired]