Tuesday, 22 July 2014

That's the way to do it!!!!

I would like this guy's name to add to my Xmas card list,,,, what more can I say.

Apart from the fact that this thing is claimed to be Brunel's Imperial Walker,,,,
YO HO now I know he enjoyed the odd cheroot but I never would have guessed he was into the wacky-backy,, mind you Ozzie of Black Sabbath fame once mentioned that after a serious session of inhaling all snorts of white powdery stuff everything merged into "ONE"
so I'm thinking,,,,
maybe IKB was at the same gig,,, perhaps it was in an engine mans bothy deep down in the latin quarter of Swinedon shed,,, and ever after all creations from such hallowed turf,, [apart from the above] seemed to have merged into the same looking thing,,, well I never,,, I suppose there had to be a reason beyond basic standardisation or symmetry,,, as someone once said about the folk he met on the Great Wall of China,,,they all look the same to me!!!! Walls that is. [lets be PC for once].

You may think it has all gone quiet on the Pasture's,,, nothing could be further from the truth,,, it's gone very quiet on the blogging front because we have hit a solid phase of modelling front,,, the infrastructure is undergoing some serious expansions and the tram in particular is going to have greater challenges to climb,,, after I've built the 28 terraced dwellings that have been deemed suitable for it to trundle through.

Trainwest Melksham in April 2015 might seem a long way away now but with the pace I am churning out the terraces it could well transpire into yet another sprint to the exhibition finishing line [probably starting around mid March]

If you ever feel the need to excercise that lump of grey matter between your ears then can I suggest you convince yourself that modelling terraced houses on quite a steep incline is a good idea,,,, it's a great idea until you actually start doing it,,, in fairness I am actually enjoying the mental challenge of getting everything to look right and have to confess during weaker moments I do think think about filling scenic holes with bucolic farmers & fields & cows,,,etc etc
 Ha Ha,, I'll have none of it,,, Yes I'm going to go for some animal activity but in the form of an elephant or two,,, [has he finally lost the plot completely they think to themselves] Elephants in South Yorkshire steel works,,, nahh,, never appen
NOT AT ALL,,, meet Lizzie Ward,,, an employee of Thomas Wards smelting shop!!!! for the uninformed Lizzie is the only one in shot not wearing a flat cap.

I'll save why she was there for a later blog,,, after I've put the sash windows in this 2nd of 28 abode's,,, who's idea was this???

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