Monday, 17 February 2014

Tonbridge 2014....What a friendly Bunch!!!

Anybody that attended Tonbridge exhibition will understand how relevant the above image is,,,, RAIN,,,, all that was missing was a couple of elephants and palm fonds wafting about in the "Valentine Day Tempest" and we had a genuine Kent Monsoon to endure,,,,

that is the bad news

The good news is we really enjoyed the show,,, the hotel,,, the breakfasts,,,[on both mornings,, makes a pleasant change we agreed] and a 'couple' of cooling libations to wash away the woe's of the day,,, which were very few.

A tie bar gave up the ghost about 10 minutes after opening to the public and an isolator also refused to behave but that was probably my fault trying to do things without my eyesight in place!!!!!

The only disappointment was it was only a one day show,,, we were having so much fun we could easily have stayed another day,,, but never mind it recharged the battery's nicely to get us excited for Norwich exhibition which is only 7 weeks away.

I also need to advise just how friendly the Tonbridge modellers are,,, what an amiable bunch,,, nothing was too much trouble and we even had a visit from the chairman thanking us for bringing the layout,,, it's the little things like that which make exhibiting so enjoyable.

Be warned after our 2nd or 3rd round of cooling libations "The Westerner" went into his selling of the RMweb speech and put up a very creditable argument about why I should consider transferring my meanderings to a slightly different audience,,, I seem to remember muttering something along the lines of,,,, I'll think about it,,, and I have and still haven't decided but if we do transfer I'll attempt to put up some link from this site to the RMweb one,,, in fact I'll probably just use this site for exhibition news & perhaps spontaneous rantings which I will undoubtedly need to get off my chest and concentrate on the modelling aspects on the other one.

Oh by the way,,, Simon Cowell has given birth,,,, mmmmm,,, I always thought there was something odd  about him and to be quite honest who gives a flying fig!!! ,,,,,,that's right,,,, that sort of post!!!

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