Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mallard: 3rd July 1938 !!!!!

Some things really are well worth remembering,,, so lets consider a few facts about Mallard.

1, It was not conceived, designed or built in Swinedon.
2, It's class looked completely different to anything built previously or since.
3, 6 of them are together this weekend for a bit of a reunion,,, & they are expecting massive crowds.
3, It gained a world record 75 years ago today,, which still stands to this day.

I can hear all the chorister's in unison,,, "yes and they had to take it off at Peterborough and ship it back to Doncaster in the dead of night for a complete overhaul",, chortle chortle chortle,,,,

And my response is,,, "Correct,, and we DON'T give 2 hoots"

As Driver Duddington apparently said,,,, "come on old girl,,, you can do it"

Talking of remembering things,,, don't forget Barrow Hill September 28th & 29th,,,, we'll be there,,, the Hasselblad will be westerning serenely and the Webbens Clop is also expected to make an appearance,,, as is Valour and the recent D9,,,, I know what I've got my money on,,,, crikey that's only 12 weeks away,,, I'd better go and plug the soldering iron in!!!!

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