Thursday, 27 June 2013

Zodel Moan !!!

Further to my moan on 12th April after the recent pilgrimage to Doncaster and what a certain multinational had to done to an above average model shop in the town,,,,,, well,,,,

Now I'm not one to gloat,,, but,,, according to the BBC news this morning,,,, and they are never known to get anything even slightly wrong it appears that Deloitte have been appointed administrators to my non favourite model shop Zodel Moan,,,,

Oh dear what a shame,,,, the "one stop supermarket for serious modellers" appear to have got their marketing plans all farce about ace and the end result is that in pop the faceless wonders in pin stripe suits.

Sorry but you don't need to be a genius to work out what went wrong there,,, full retail price,,, if it didn't come in a bubble pack they didn't sell it,,, the guy I spoke to knew a lot about all sorts of things other than railways,, and I have a thing about corporate wear,,, they all perhaps know they know diddly squat and so try disguising or distracting us all by wearing red and black polo shirts!!!!!!

I asked him if he sold Romford or Markits wheels,,,, "mmm" considerable pregnant pause,,, another "mmm" & then a response,, "sorry do we sell what".

Airfix kits,,, do you sell Airfix kits,,, "oh yes sir over there behind the vast array of chatty chinese tools in strikingly visual bubble packs that  nobody ever needs or buy's.

Thanks a lot,,,, OH and have a nice day!!!!

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