Friday, 30 September 2011

It's a record,, 5 posts in 1 year and it's only October 1st

I had to do it,,, beat the all time record of the number of posts in a calendar year,,, and we've done it,, there is every chance we may hit double figures by the time Santa comes staggering along!!!

It's all a rooze really,, just to let you all know that the pastures is now safely esconsed in the back of a white Trannie van and we are all chomping at the bit for the autumnal bash at the Victory Hall Aylsham tomorrow Saturday 1st October 2011.

Unfortunately his handsomeness will not be with us on this occasion but we do have a computer wizard in our midst which should be handy as that means we can all pop out for a byte!!!

Look forward to meeting any Pastoral Bloggers,,,

Have a nice day,, a don't forget to pay the alimony!!!

SAD and Salmon Pastures

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