Monday, 13 August 2007

Further contestants for the paint shop contest

Now I have the hang of attaching pics there will be no stopping me.
The queue is forming outstide the bodyshop and the A5 has been joined by B3 Valour.
A5 is a craftsman kit and Valour is scrathbuilt from a Nick Campling drawing that was in the Railway Modeller in the early 80's.
I started making Valour whilst working in Saudi and I left there in 1983,,,[cripes thats 24 years ago]!!!
I really must make a concerted effort to finish some of these projects off now I have a suitable venue for them to strut their stuff.
Both above have Romford/Markit wheels and Portescap motors,,, bloomin expensive but lovely smooth running has it's price I suppose.
SAD @ Salmon Pastures

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