Friday, 5 November 2021

The Festive Season!!!!

 Rather than bottle it all up I thought I would have a little rant regarding the XMAS season,,,, mmm

Now back in my day it was always called Christmas,,, but in these uncertain Cov-Brex-itus days we have to be very careful that we don't upset anybody,,, heaven forbid,,, [perhaps that should be celestial restrictions,,, better safe than sorry.]

Since when did the festive season start in early November,,, WHY,,, we haven't even had bonfire night yet.

I listened to some plummy lady from the National Society for Maximising Seasonal Retail Profits on the radio yesterday basic blaming both Brexit and Covid,,,, reasoning that this and last years festive seasons had been obliterated by circumstances well out of her control and there ain't no way she is going to let that happen again so to give themselves a fair chance of getting back on the financial tracks they are totally committed to maximising the opportunity this year!!!!

The less than plummy interviewer [seems to be the norm these days from Auntie Beeb] asked if this was just going to be a one off seasonal market adjustment,,,,, "well one never knows does one,,, if this years campaign proves successful we may well decide to start next years Festive Season early as well".

I bet you will,,, any excuse to maximise profits,,, this wretched woman has obviously never had kids as if she had she would realise the virtue of  keeping the festive season at a very low profile for as long as possible,,, get a grip woman,,, my legs are still tanned and this years summer was hopeless and your starting Xmas,,, RIDICULOUS,,, why am I sitting here in shorts and a T shirt watching adverts about mince pies flushed down by the odd pint of Bailey's,,, the world has gone mad.


How has some 16 year old Scandinavian bint suddenly become an expert on the worlds problems,,, it's all about life experiences apparently,,,, that's rich,, I bet she hasn't cruised the Valetta Gut or Hero's Square in Limassol on a Saturday night,,, now anyone who has been there will know exactly what sort of life's experiences are really important,,,, life forming,,, that's what they were!!! 

Having said that having listened to her in the Glasgey flag wavers sing song she could be a very strong contender for one of the many vacancy's at the Beeb,,,,"I fink shid do rite well and she shud seeze the opertoonity"

Just to prove that I have been spending some productive time in the garage I offer a couple of shots of this weeks efforts,,, slowly slowly,,, I'm in no rush,,, and am still waiting for a formal exhibition invite.


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