Wednesday, 13 October 2021

My Mojo won't come back,,,, is it Covid,, Brexit, or just me???

 I have no photo's to show of any recent progress,,, and the reason for that is I haven't done a damn thing.

At last nights assembly of the local G.O.G club [that's Grumpy Old Git's,,, not the 7mm mob] I was interrogated as to why I haven't posted anything on the Salmon Pasture's Blog for very nearly a year,,,, 

C.B.A, was my first thought for a witty response,,, "Can't Be A**ed" but later when my air of indifference had passed I had a good deep ponder and thought "is it that long ago" and the answer is YES,, very nearly a year.

Don't take it too personally as I haven't posted anything on RMWeb or the LNE site either!!

With even further thought and perhaps a bit of soul searching it is apparent that my Modelling Mojo has not so much weakened but quite simply vanished,,, the last time I did anything like constructive in the garage was mid spring,,, I was in shorts and a T shirt and all was well with the world,,, I was cobbling an N5 chassis together and it was going well,,, and as we type today it is still sitting their upside down in the testing cradle and 5 months has elapsed!!!

When I first got the layout back after it's holiday in Sunny Surrey I went beserk,,, understandable perhaps as I hadn't been anywhere near it whilst we were trying to realign ourselves in some Maltese Sunshine,,, on returning to the ancestral home it was quickly retrieved and bashed into shape,,at this stage it was suggested by the management I consider putting a sleeping bag in the garage to save a bit of time,, a sure sign of how high my level of enthusiasm had reached!!

Anyway this morning after fighting my way through all the cobwebs and "spider guano" I actually cleaned the track a bit and had a play,,,, then I was overtaken with a timely flash of constructiveness and put a new battery in my wristwatch!!! then returned indoors to find my sawn off winter modelling gloves,, I know it would have been much easier to continue throughout the summer as against mid Autumn,, but I learnt a long time ago if you aren't in the mood it is best to leave it alone co's if you don't you end up doing things 2wice which in it's way is worse than doing nothing at all.

So dear readers prepare yourselves,,, we are about to start again.

Perhaps this is a good time to mention the dreaded Covid,,, let's hope all those who are reading this have either managed to avoid it or if not recovered from it,,,, now I don't know why but I have this funny feeling in my flux that the exhibition circuit is about to start getting back to what we all desire and if so then hopefully Aylsham, Immingham and Ipswich will be in touch,,, be assured at the moment I am Covid FREE!!



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