Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Guessing Game

I'll bet you are wondering what this is all about,,, busy bee's,,,NO:
Honey Pot,,, [I wish,, those were the long warm days of yore!!!] NO:
Apiculturists Convention,,,Could be but I've never actually been to one,,, so its a NO:

IT'S A HIVE OF ACTIVITY.!!!!! Honest,, it says so on t'internet piccies.
[note,,,  The Queen is the one in the middle with the flowing locks and ballet pumps]

I had the "Norfolk Squitters" round this afternoon, who after they had eaten me out of Shortbread, Jaffa Cakes and Ginger Nuts thought they had better get a bit complimentary and informed me that the new garage was a veritable hive of activity,,,,,and we have only been in business for about 4 weeks,,,
Thankyou chaps,,,[and I mean that most sincerely]  I am very pleased you noticed,, and I have to agree we have been productive,, if I could get my steam driven digipic thing with all it's associated micro-bytes to cooperate I could post a few pics to prove it,,, but for those who are even remotely disinterested,,, all the boxes have been unpacked,, placed in the appropriately revamped filing cupboard drawer thing,, complete with labels,,, I have reinvented my Q7 [that means I've eventually found its chimney],,, got the chassis on my N5 0-6-2 tank working,,,stripped the paint off a J3 & J39,, dusted off my Zeppelin for the next batch of scratch building,, replaced various gutters drainpipes and window glazing,,, smoothed out "Suicide Corner" on the tram way,,, so now it's just hairy as against darn right ridiculous,,, and most importantly I have actually played with my trainset again,,,
A LOT!!! & it works,, WOO-HOO

How did I ever find time to go to work!!!! I am really taking to this retirement thing,,, it's great fun,,, the money could be better but I haven't had to worry about market share,, exchange rates,, mop heads,, toilet rolls,,, action or business plans,,, focus groups or market surveys at all.
Having been without the pastures for over 2 years in some respects it is a case of cram it in while you still can,, and I am,,, and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself,,, the tingle finger is back and the nails on my right hand whilst not quite Dibnah-esque are definitely getting that well worn demeanour again,,, magic.

I will have another go in tomorrows daylight at getting my digital box brownie working again so I can prove that this time it is not just good intentions,,, but hard blistered activity.

All we need now are a few kind hearted exhibition managers to take pity on us and give us a run out while we still can!!!!!   We are good value for money,,, very cheerful,,, and will do anything [within reason] for an early morning bacon sarnie and permission to play trains for 8 hours,,, think about it and as a certain D Trotter Esq said quite frequently,,,, "you know it makes sense" among other things.

Read recently that the rather zealous hair shirted academic who wrote weekly moans to the telegraph about the dire state of the Britains use of the apostrophe's has finally conceded defeat,,, thank the lord for that,,, what a senseless waste of time that all was,,, as you can see above,,, grammer or speling or  punctuasian was never my strongest sweet,,, and now I don't have to even try,,, but of course I will!!!!

Q:  Did you know that O gauge is 3/7th's bigger than 00 and 5/7th's bigger than N??? neither did I till recently,,, there you are,,, you are never too old to learn something new and congratulations to Westerner for giving it a go!!! Well done that man!!!!! [but unfortunately it's still GWR!!!!]

Did you also know one of the best ways to lose weight is eat less,,,, I've tried it and it works all I did was cut out the wine gums kitkats, mars bars, and peanut brittle and lo and behold this week I lost 4 oz's!!!

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