Sunday 16 July 2023

Ups and Downs

 The UP's,,, the Zeppelin L1 Ugly Duckling is very nearly finished,,,

PROOF,,,, apart from painting the cab,, weathering and fixing the roof permanently,,, the 5 year old Blu-Tac is starting to smell.


Any avid Pastures readers will remember on 16th April 2016 we read about our pal Cecil Gee leaving the railway to become a flower arranger,,, well that didn't work either and Cecil is now back working on the railway as a movements operative second class,,, [storeman to you and me] and as you can see he still hasn't mastered the art of getting either "stuck in" or dirty!!!
Welcome Back Cec,,,, you have been missed,,,[no really]

Please come and see both at Sheringham High School on 2nd September 2023,,, open 10 to 4

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